When we got our Pug, we found that there were certain items which were helpful to care for our new Pug.  Here are a few of them for those of you that are getting a Pug soon!


Ask your breeder which type you should get initially, if you want to change it after a while, gradually introduce the new food.  Try to get a good quality food with chicken or lamb as the main ingredient.


One for food, one for water.  We find that a tray to keep them on helps with spills and keeps the floor clean.


(If you aren't planning on your Pug sleeping on your bed it helps for your Pug to have a comfy spot where it will feel safe, especially for the first few days.

We advise that you do not get a collar for your Pug, get a harness instead.  Pugs cannot breath as easy as other dogs since their nostrils are so small.  A collar could block a Pug's airways if pulled on.  A harness solves this problem since it goes around the shoulders and back. 

Having a toy for when you pick up your Pug can really help comfort them. Having something familiar around them can make the first few days easy.  And of course, they need to play!


Use a shampoo specifically for dogs since they have a different pH.  We find that oatmeal shampoos are good for sensitive skin.


They can be really handy especially if you want to keep your house clean!  After your Pug comes in from outside they are great to wipe off any mud or dirt from their paws.

Bet on having at least one accident when your Pug is a young pup. I think in the three years we have had our Pug he has only had two accidents.  One was the first day that we got him, so be prepared!




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